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TS Rewards Card

Play...with Rewards!

Turning Stone Resort Casino welcomes you to the convenient and exciting world of gaming with the TS Rewards Card, your key to gaming at its best with the added advantage of member benefits. Enjoy exciting rewards, fantastic benefits and unbelievable opportunities with our tiered TS Rewards Card program. Free for our patrons 18 years and over.

TS Rewards Desk Hours
Sunday - Thursday: 9:00am - 9:00pm
Friday & Saturday: 9:00am - 11:00pm


Exciting rewards. Fantastic benefits. Unbelievable opportunities. TS Rewards Card members enjoy exclusive benefits including coupon offers, free entries in monthly promotions, invitations to members-only events and gaming tournaments. Be rewarded each time you use your card with valuable points that can be redeemed for merchandise, accommodations and other great Resort services.

The Turning Stone Resort Casino TS Rewards Card is your key to play with rewards!

Registering for a TS Rewards Card is easy and free. Just stop by the TS Rewards Card Desk. (Members must be 18 years of age or older to participate.)

Points will expire on all TS Rewards Card accounts that remain inactive for a 6-month period.

Caesars Rewards Partnership Program

How TS Rewards and Caesars Rewards® work together for you

TS Rewards members now have more perks, privileges and possibilities than ever. You can link your TS Rewards account to a Caesars Rewards account and your VIP status will be matched. Plus, you can transfer your TS Reward Points to Reward Credits®!

Loyalty Points Exchange

Members of both TS Rewards and Caesars Rewards programs can exchange up to 100,000 points each year, at a 2:1 ratio. For example, you can exchange 100,000 TS Rewards Points (valued at $1,000) for 50,000 Rewards Credits® (valued at $500). The same exchange can be conducted from the Caesars Rewards program to the TS Rewards program.

Tier Match

Caesars Rewards members are eligible for a tier status match in the TS Rewards Program as follows:

Caesars Rewards TierTS Rewards Tier Match
Platinum Ruby
Diamond Onyx
Seven Stars® Sapphire


TS Rewards Members are eligible for a tier status match in the Caesars Rewards program as follows:

TS Rewards TierCaesars Rewards Tier Match
Ruby Platinum
Onyx Diamond
Sapphire/Prestige Diamond

How to Transfer Points and receive a Tier Match

TS Rewards Members can visit the web page and follow the “Caesars Rewards Loyalty Partnership” link. TS Rewards Member can also visit the TS Rewards Desk for assistance in exchanging loyalty points and matching loyalty tier status. To complete the transaction, you will need to know your loyalty account number and password for both the TS Rewards and Caesars Rewards accounts. Similarly, Caesars Rewards members can visit to complete the loyalty point exchange and tier level match.

Salute To Service TS Rewards Card Program

If you have a military, veteran, police or fire/first responder ID we would like to welcome you to our Salute to Service Program. Simply visit the TS Rewards Desk with your ID to get your Salute to Service TS Rewards Card, which will unlock exclusive promotions, offers and discounts.

Joining the Salute to Service program will not change your current TS Rewards Card number, card level or benefits. See rules and regulations for qualifications.

How do I sign up?

Registering for a TS Rewards Card is quick, easy, and free! Simply present a valid photo ID at our TS Rewards Desk and select a four digit PIN (personal identification number).

How do I make transactions on my account?

Winnings: Present your winning voucher at a kiosk or the Casino Cage to redeem your winnings.

How do I use my TS Rewards Card?

Insert your TS Rewards Card in the reader panel on any Slot Machine. For table games, present your card to the dealer to have your play rated prior to the start of your game.

What are points?

TS Rewards Points accrue on your TS Rewards Card as you play, and can be used to for retail, dining and accommodations purchases. 100 TS Rewards Points equal $1.00 for purchases.

How do I earn points?

Each time you use your TS Rewards Card for game play and purchases, you earn Points. You also earn Points when playing and making purchases at Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona and Yellow Brick Road Casino in Chittenango, at SavOn Convenience stores, and Maple Leaf Market. Just show your TS Rewards Card to have you spending tracked.

Do points expire?

Your Points will not expire unless your account remains inactive for more than six months from the date you last used your TS Rewards Card.

How do I check my point balance?

You may check your point balance on any slot machine, at TS Rewards kiosks that are conveniently located throughout the gaming floor and resort or online, at

Where can I redeem my points?

Points can be redeemed at any time from Resort outlets that allow points as a form of payment. Simply present your TS Rewards Card and a valid photo ID to purchase with your points.

Points can be used for any of the following services:

Dining, tournament entry, retail merchandise, TS Rewards Gallery merchandise (Turning Stone only), overnight accommodations (Turning Stone only), salon and spa services (Turning Stone only), Entertainment tickets for the Showroom and Event Center (Turning Stone only), admission to High Stakes Bingo (Turning Stone only), golf merchandise and Golf Dome (Turning Stone only), tennis (Turning Stone only), RV Camping, SavOn, and Maple Leaf Market.

What can I do if the TS Rewards Desk is not open?

If you would like to sign up for a TS Rewards Card, please go to the Cage located in the Casino.

If you are in need of a reprint of your TS Rewards Card, please go to the Cage or Table Game Pit area for assistance (Pit 1, 2 & 3).

If you need assistance with another issue, please go to the Cage and your message will be relayed and tended to in the morning.


Rules of Use

Welcome to the Turning Stone Rewards program (the “TS Rewards Program”). We are proud to reward your loyalty with this program when you visit our properties and businesses. The following rules (the “Terms”) apply to your participation in the program. Please read these Terms so that you understand the Program’s rules and benefits and your responsibilities under the TS Rewards Program. Your enrollment and participation in the TS Rewards Program constitutes your acceptance of these Terms.

Enrolling in the TS Rewards Program

  1. TS Rewards Program membership is generally available to any eligible person 18 years of age or older with valid government-issued identification (i.e., Drivers License, Passport, State Identification, Military Identification, etc.). Casino play or purchase is not required to obtain a TS Rewards card.
  2. Only individuals are eligible for the TS Rewards Program; corporations or other entities cannot become TS Rewards members.
  3. Those eligible to participate in the TS Rewards Program may sign up at registration locations at Turning Stone Resort Casino, including the TS Rewards desk, as well as at several SavOn Convenience Store locations. Once you provide valid identification and we verify your eligibility, we will activate your enrollment in the TS Rewards Program and will issue you your TS Rewards Card.
  4. You are responsible for selecting a confidential Personal Identification Number (PIN) for your account. Please keep your PIN secure; you are responsible for all transactions on your account that uses your confidential PIN.
  5. Neither Turning Stone nor its business partners are responsible for lost, misplaced or stolen TS Rewards Cards, or for any unauthorized use of your card. If your TS Rewards Card is lost, misplaced or stolen, you may obtain a duplicate card with proper identification.
  6. Except as otherwise permitted by these Terms, you may not transfer, sell, purchase, trade or barter a TS Rewards card, TS Rewards account, points, complimentaries (“comps”) or any TS Rewards Program benefit to another individual.

Using Your TS Rewards Card

  1. TS Rewards Program benefits are based on your expenditures for gaming play and/or certain qualified non-gaming purchases at participating properties and businesses, including Turning Stone and SavOn convenience stores.
  2. To ensure proper recording of points or comps for gaming activity, you are responsible for properly inserting your TS Rewards card into a slot machine prior to play or presenting your TS Rewards card to a table games pit supervisor prior to table games play. TS Rewards Points or comps earned for gaming activity are determined at the sole discretion of management, and may vary by machine/game type, denomination, average bet and length of play. Management may periodically change the earning rates for TS Rewards Points.
  3. To ensure proper recording of points or comps for non-gaming purchases/activities, you are responsible for presenting your TS Rewards card to one of our employees at the point of sale. TS Rewards Points or comps earned for this non-gaming activity varies by transaction and product/service type at the sole discretion of management. For non-gaming purchases/activities, TS Rewards Points are earned based on the total cash/credit spend, minus all tax, discounts, coupons, offers and comps. Similarly, TS Rewards Points do not accrue for amounts tendered with TS Rewards Points or gift cards.
  4. For product returns, TS Rewards Points earned on the original purchase will be debited from the individual’s account balance. The individual must present his/her TS Rewards card and the original receipt for all product returns.
  5. The determination of management shall be final with respect to how points and/or comps are earned under the TS Rewards Program.
  6. The TS Rewards card may be used only by the TS Rewards card member to whom the card was issued. You may not accrue points or comps or any other TS Reward Program benefits if your TS Rewards card is used by another individual. However, during specific marketing programs, points maybe combined at the discretion of management.

Can’t find your TS Rewards Card? We can help.
Please stop by the TS Rewards Desk on your next visit so we can deactivate your card and issue you a new one. If you are out of the area and discover your card is missing, please call the TS Rewards Desk immediately so we can put a hold on your card. Come to the Desk during your next visit and a new card will be issued to you.

Achieving and Maintaining Tier Status

  1. Some benefits under the TS Rewards Program may be based on Tier Status, as determined by Management.
  2. Due to the unexpected closure in Spring of 2020, the Fall/Winter term will tentatively be 3 months long, from Dec. 1 2020 to February 28, 2021.
  3. Tier Status in the TS Rewards program is determined by the number of TS Rewards Points you earn via gaming activity within a three (3) month period. TS Rewards Points earned via non-gaming activity do not affect or relate to your Tier Status.
  4. If in the defined three (3) month period you earn the required number of TS Rewards Points through gaming activity necessary to achieve a particular Tier Status, you will attain that status level as soon as the required point threshold has been reached. You will retain that status level for the remainder of the current three (3) month period in which you earned the qualifying number of TS Rewards Points and for the following three (3) month period.
  5. If in the three (3) month period you do not to earn the required number of TS Rewards Points through gaming activity necessary to maintain your current Tier Status, you will be reassigned to the appropriate Tier Status for the next three (3) month period.
  6. Turning Stone may change the TS Rewards Program, its elements or benefits at any time in its sole discretion.

Redemption of Points and Rewards

  1. To redeem benefits under the TS Rewards Program, you are required to present valid government-issued photo identification bearing the same name as stated on your TS Rewards card. All redemption is subject to point and/or comp availability.
  2. Your accumulated TS Rewards Points, comps and benefits will be forfeited if your TS Rewards account does not reflect any activity (gaming or otherwise) for a period of six (6) months. Accumulated points, comps and benefits in a deceased TS Reward Program member’s account will be forfeited.
  3. Management reserves the right to change, increase, decrease or substitute any TS Reward Program benefits, privileges or rewards at its sole discretion.
  4. TS Reward Program points and comps have no cash value and may not be transferred. Any tax liability resulting from the accumulation or use of TS Reward Program benefits is the sole obligation of the TS Reward Program member.
  5. TS Rewards Points cannot be used as to satisfy unpaid obligations or debts to Turning Stone, the Nation, SavOn, LLC, Oneida Nation Enterprises, LLC or any of their affiliates.
  6. Notwithstanding any of the foregoing, if any gaming related indebtedness remains unpaid for a period of at least 90 days, your accumulated TS Rewards Program points, comps or benefits may be forfeited at the sole discretion of management.

General TS Rewards Program Conditions

  1. Membership in the TS Rewards Program and accumulation of points and/or comps does not confer any enforceable contract or vested property rights with respect to TS Rewards Program benefits, which management may change, increase, decrease or substitute in its sole discretion.
  2. Management reserves the right to adjust any point balances resulting from malfunction, operator error and/or fraud. Further, violation of the TS Reward Program Terms, including fraud, misrepresentation, unauthorized use and/or misuse of the TS Rewards card as determined by management may subject you to, without limitation, termination of TS Rewards Program membership, demotion or elimination of your account status, forfeiture of benefits, including accumulated points and comps and/or appropriate legal action.
  3. All rewards and benefits under TS Rewards Program are offered at the sole discretion of management. Management reserves the right to alter or amend any program feature or benefit at any time including, without limitation, adjusting accrual or redemption criteria, establishing conditions of expiration point in active accounts and/or canceling or suspending the TS Rewards Program at any time.
  4. Neither the TS Rewards Program nor Turning Stone and its business partners shall be responsible for products or services offered by other companies that participate in benefits, offers or special promotions provided to TS Rewards Program members. 
  5. Participation in the TS Rewards Program is voluntary. By participating in this promotion, you grant TS Rewards, Turning Stone and its business partners and their designees, permission to use your name, picture, voice recording and/or likeness for advertising and publicity purposes without further permission or approval, and without compensation.
  6. Account information may be disclosed to regulatory, tax, or law enforcement authorities with competent jurisdiction at the discretion of management.
  7. All decisions concerning the interpretation, application or administration of the TS Rewards Program and/or these Terms are within the sole discretion of management and any dispute regarding the accumulation of points, comps or benefits and/or the forfeiture of points, comps or benefits will be reviewed by management. Management’s decision in any dispute will be final and binding. If it is determined that the TS Rewards Program has improperly denied a benefit, the sole and exclusive remedy shall be the issuance of the improperly denied benefit or such other alternative comparable benefit as determined by management in its sole discretion and the TS Rewards Program shall have no additional liability whatsoever. In no event shall the TS Rewards Program, Turning Stone or its business partners be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential damages or lost revenue or profits claimed to arise out of the acts or omissions of the TS Rewards Program or management.
TS Reward Cardholder Benefits
Win/Loss Statements

2020 Win/Loss Statements can be downloaded at or your can print and submit a Request for Win/Loss Statement.

Forms may be faxed to 315.361.8554 or mailed to:

Request for Win/Loss Statement
Players Services
5218 Patrick Road
Verona, NY 13478

A copy of your Driver's License is required. Please refer to the IRS for further information regarding Gambling and Income Expenses. Call 800.771.7711 for more information.

Request for Duplicate Tax Form

To request a duplicate copy of your W-2G (U.S.) or 1042-S (Foreign) tax form, please complete the form linked below, sign it and mail to:

Turning Stone Resort Casino
Attention: Finance Department – Compliance Analyst
5218 Patrick Road
Verona, NY 13478

Download Request for Duplicate Tax Form PDF

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